President Kim's Liberation Day Message

Aug 14,2000

President Kim stated Monday August 14 that he will propose the formation of three joint committees to handle inter-Korean military, economic, and social-cultural matters at the upcoming ministerial-level meetings between the two Koreas.

President Kim mentioned that this proposal will be included in his Liberation Day speach on August 15.

In addition, he said that as a way to further ease the tension between the South and North, a military hot-line will be installed while a meeting between the defence ministers of the two Koreas is sought. To prompt inter-Korean businesses, the two sides will work together to provide a safe and efficient business environment, including an inter-country treaty on double-taxation preventation.

On the same day, President Kim invited the group of separated family members who are heading to Pyongyang on August 15 to Chong Wa Dae for lunch. At lunch, President Kim revealed that the two Koreas have already agreed to have a ground-breaking ceremony at around Chusok, Korea's harvest moon festival, for the restoration of the Kyong-eui railway line which was disconected during the Korean war. "Once Kyong-eui and Kyong-won lines are connected and ready, the two lines will provide transit linking Korea to the Asian and European continents," he added.

He explained that the ultimate purpose of the reunion of separated families is part of a plan that would allow those family members to live anywhere on the Korean Peninsula they want.

In his speech, he pointed out that through the cooperation by the two Koreas would transform a small country in Northeast Asia into a world center.

When talking about current conditions in South Korea, he skeptically remarked that "Even though, we have made our best efforts, we still have unsolved issues, including incomplete reforms in the financial, business, public, and labor sectors, moral hazards, violent group action based on self interest, and political strife." But he committed himself to complete reforms in four sectors by February, 2001, the third anniversary of his inaugration.

He also said that, "There can be no barriers to achieving nation-wide reconciliation at a time when we have managed to overcome the long-standing hostility between the South and North." "To achieve national harmony, I am willing to meet the leaders of political parties at any time."

Lastly, he added that he will push for legislation that will be designed to prevent corruption passed as soon as possible. He also made it clear that he would not tolerate illegal violent action by certain groups based on their own interests.

by Kim Jin-kook

대통령 광복절 경축사

김대중(金大中)대통령은 14일 "앞으로의 남북장관급 회담을 통해 군사·경제·사회-문화의 3개 공동위원회를 구성하겠다"고 말했다.
 金대통령은 이날 미리 배포한 제55주년 8·15 경축사에서 이같이 예고한뒤"남북간 군사직통전화 설치와 국방장관급 회담등 긴장완화를 위한 조치를 추진하고,투자보장·이중과세방지 협정등 안전하고 효율적인 협력의 길을 마련하겠다"고 다짐했다.
이에 앞서 金대통령은 이날 이산가족 방북단을 청와대로 초청,"올 추석(9월12일)을 전후해 경의선(京義線)철도 기공식을 갖기로 남북이 합의했다"고 밝히고 "경의선과 경원선(京元線)이 연결되면 유럽-아시아 대륙과 태평양을 연결하는 세계의 중심축이 될 것"이라고 말했다.
 金대통령은 "이산가족 상봉은 궁극적으로 남북 이산가족이 본인이 원하는 곳에서 살 수 있도록 하는 것을 목표로 삼아 추진할 것"이라고 설명했다.
 특히 8·15 경축사에서 金대통령은 "남북이 손을 잡으면 한반도전체로 무대가 확대된다"며 "한국은 아시아 대륙 동쪽 끝에 있는 주변국가에서 당당히 세계의 중심국가가 돼 바야흐로 '한반도 시대'가 올 것"이라고 선언했다.
 金대통령은 "국민의 정부는 부단한 노력을 했지만 4대개혁의 미완성·도덕적 해이,개혁 피로증후군과 집단이기주의,정치불안정등 나라 발전의 발목을 잡고 있는 일이 많다"며 "취임 3주년이 되는 내년2월까지 4대 개혁(금융·기업·공공·노사)을 마무리짓겠다"고 약속했다.  
 "남북 화해를 이루어가는데 우리 내부의 국민화합을 이루지 못할 이유가 없다"고 지적한 金대통령은 "이를 위해 필요하다면 언제든지 각 정당의 대표와 만나 국사를 논의할 것"이라고 말했다.
 이밖에 金대통령은 부패방지법을 빠른 시일내 입법하고,"집단이기주의와 불법·폭력행위에 대해서는 엄중히 대처하겠다"고 강조했다.

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