Families Help Overcome Disabilities

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Families Help Overcome Disabilities

After a report by the Jooang Ilbo on Seok In-su, who went to graduate school and then established a research center all done to help his son who had been diagnosed with autismm, the paper received a call from woman asking for the telephone number to Seok's research center because her child also suffered from autism.

I visited the Seok household on May 7th, and Seok and his wife were preparing to go visit with the children his parents. I could feel the warmth and affection of the family. The son's autistic condition seems to have made family relationship closer than ever before.

Of course, this "warmth" has not always been easy or always possible. Seok said that before they found ways to handle the stress of caring for his son, his family was not one where smiles came easily. Seok advised that parents should strive to make for their handicapped children a warm and affectionate environment. Not to be left out of this, Seok particularly underlined the importance a father plays in engendering a supporting environment. He himself accompanies his son and helps his son with school everyday.

Also, Cho Kyung-ho, who was last reported to have been preparing for his high school equivalency exams, has proudly told us of his success with flying colours and great pride of his family. Despite his seriour case of cerebral palsy, Cho studied with the assistance of his 80-year old grandmother.

These are but some of the examples of how family has aided the handicapped in overcoming obstacles and difficulties deserving a huge round of applause.

by Ahn Jang-won

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