Delay the Investigation for Draft Dodging Scandal

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Delay the Investigation for Draft Dodging Scandal

The seemingly endless tit-for-tat between the ruling and oppositon parties surrounding the issue of dodging Mandatory Military Service (MMP) is a downright eyesore among eyesores. The prosecutors' office vowed to end the investigation before the end of the General Election and launched an investigation only to face strong resistance from the opposition party. Opposition Grand National Pary (GNP) members defied summonses and instead insisted that the whole case is a politically motivaed scheme of the ruling party. They also confronted the ruling party by suggesting their own irregularities concerning draft dodging. With the continued mudslinging battle between the two sides, the public is left in utter confusion.

In essence, when investigating issues of military service, one should make a thorough effort to unveil the truth so as to eliminate further incidents in the future. Of course, anyone discovered to be related with illegal conduct or evasion of the law should be treated firmly regardless of one's status, whether it be high or low. It is a part of the people's will which demands that no one goes beyond the law concerned military service. These days considering the mood of society, whether the charges are true or not, the very fact of being a suspect is considered to be a great disgrace and a setback to respectable figures.

Overall it doesn't make any sense when the prosecution announced that it will quickly wrap up its investigation before the General Election, this left less than 20 days for investigation. The prosecutor hasn't even layed a single finger on the offenders so far and among them many are living abroad. Then there is another group of suspected offenders running for the elections which makes it impossible to take them in during the election period. If the investigation is pursued, despite these conditons, the public will be forced to question if this is one of the political schemes for the sake of the election.

It will be a national shame to have the draft dodging scandal left unresolved due to political bickering. It will be called as a rational move to deal with the scandal by giving the investigation more time. That means working on it after the General Election. In this respect it is much better to delay the investigation until after the election; all to guarantee a justified investigation and free it of political schemes.

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