Expressing Hope for a Winner in Presidential Election in Taiwan

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Expressing Hope for a Winner in Presidential Election in Taiwan

Chen Shiu-bian, a political candidate from the Taiwanese party, Min Zhen party, was elected as the new President of Taiwan. The world has been closely monitoring this election, which was held on March 18.

We highly respect the courage of the Taiwanese people and recognize that their courage led to a peaceful political change and to an end of the Kuomin party's sole governing of Taiwan since 1949. However, we are very concerned over the existing unstability between China and Taiwan and its effects on East Asia.

It is well known that China threatened Taiwan in various ways to prevent Mr. Chen from becoming President.

So far, China has maintained its 'One China' policy and 'One Nation and Two Political Systems' doctrin, driving to reunite Taiwan as it did with Hong Kong and Macao. Therefore, it is easy to conclude that China takes the political success of the Min Zhen party as highly undesirable. Actually, China has tried, with successive 'military' threats, to influence Taiwan's election.

In spite of Chinese efforts, the results of the election proved to be the worst one for China. Now, if China takes drastic action, which could include military invasion, intervention by the United States and other neighboring countries could result in a serious Northeast Asia conflict.

Fortunately, both China and Mr. Chen seem to have calmed themselves down. The first official statement from China was that it will keep an eye on Mr. Chen's activities and his statements. Mr. Chen also expressed that he will handle the relationship with China with much care, not pushing his political belief of Taiwanese independence from China.

We advise Mr. Chen to be extremly carefull with China, as we can not predict how much the possible change will influence international politics.

Also, we request that China not create unnecessary tension between China and Taiwan, given that its military threats produced a negative effect throughout the world. China should attempt to access Taiwan gradually and considerately. We believe that only 'mutual discussion' can create a viable solution to the conflict between China and Taiwan.

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