Obsolete Political Stratagem

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Obsolete Political Stratagem

Those who were not nominated as candidates for the coming national election, have formed the new opposition Democratic People's Party (DPP) and are stirring up strong sentiments of provincialism to return political power to Youngnam. Though not unpredicted, their impudence and political irresponsibility are intolerable.
Kim Yoon-hwan, a member of the DPP, said, "Let's create the Youngnam regime again in Korea by congregating TK(Taegu and Kyungbuk) and PK(Pusan and Kyungnam)."
What is making people feel bitter is a comment from Kim Kwang-il, ex-secretary of former president Kim Young-sam. " If the DPP fail to achieve its goal, members should jump off the Young-do bridge." Kim Kwang-il is also using Kim Young-sam's political weight to his advantage. "My speech contains a congratulatory message from ex-president, Kim Young-sam."
The comments made by members of the DPP reflect their brazen-faced political ambitions.
Their political strategy lie in stirring up emotions, prompting other officials to denounce the DPP's methods.
What's more important is that the public should turn a blind eye to the obsolete arguments and catch-phrases of the DPP. Parties should be careful in sparking provincialism.
It's time for us to play an essential role in getting rid of regional bias and its adherents, because we have the final say in the political game.

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