The Powers Behind Linda Kim Must Be Revealed

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The Powers Behind Linda Kim Must Be Revealed

It was shocking to learn that Linda Kim, a Korean-American arms brokerage lobbyist, had engaged in a 'personal relationship' with high-ranking government officials of Korea and also deeply interfreed in the 'Paektu' project. There are an increasing number of questions regarding Linda Kim's behavior and activities. She has been charged with bribery and the violation of military classified information. This is not simply a scandal involving an attractive young woman and a high-ranking married official. This is a situation where an individual from the private sector was able to exercise a great deal of influence over high-ranking officals in the Ministry of Defense.

It goes without saying that those operating in the defense sector must be beyond reproach. Therefore, it is impossible to hide our frustration upon learning that the former minister of National Defense and a chairman of the National Defense Committee dated a lobbyist who was selling arms at the same time. In addition, the chairman of the National Defense Committee called the former minister of National Defense several times in order to "aid Linda Kim." The calls from the chairman of the National Defense Committee of the National Assembly to the minster of National Defense can only be perceived as inappropriate.

The most significant aspect of the scandal is the fact tht the arms company introduced by Linda Kim was eventually selected as the supplier for the military project. The company, introduced by Linda Kim, submitted the most expensive price during the bidding process, and received the worst evaluation. We would like to question the true intention of the letter sent to Linda Kim from Lee Yang-ho, the former minister of National Defense, during the incident. In the letter to Linda Kim, he stated that "you have to protect me."

The prosecutors indicted Linda Kim without arrest on charges of stealing six classified items from field-grade officers, and of paying 10 million won to the leader of the 'Paektu' project. However, it is only an investigation of a small part of the problem, conveniently avoiding the most significant aspects of the incident. Moreover, it is essential that all military investigations cooperate fully in order to prevent any similar incidents from occuring in the future.

The true nature of Linda Kim, her real objectives and the methods she used must be clearly identified. In addition, the power shielding Linda Kim must be revealed. Any bribes that might have been paid must be exposed. The reasons behind the letters sent by the government officials to Linda Kim must be revealed. While the parties involved insist that it is a private matter, the public has the right to know the truth. The behavior of high-ranking officals must be beyond reproach.

by Em Sung-gik

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