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Chaebol Heads" Personalities Analyzed

A book which analyzes the characters of five big chaebol chiefs was recently published. Lim Sung Hwan, a consultant classified Ku Bon Moo ( LG chief) and Kim Woo Jung (Daewoo chief) as 'leader types', Chung Mong Koo (Hyundai chief) and Choi Jong Hyun (the former SK chief) as 'analyst types', and Lee Kun Hee (Samsung chief) as a 'friendly type'.
Chung Mong Koo is intensely curious and wants to know everything. He observes and analyzes all aspects of life thus deserving his nickname 'secret agent'. He never expresses himself and is interested more in machine operations than human relationships. However he is prepared to promptly handle any crises that arise. In comparison to his son, Chung Joo Young, the honorary Hyundai chief is a 'tank type' who can do anything due to his abundant imaginative power and passion. But he prefers improvisation to carefully thought-out plan. Regarding organizational types, Chung has vision but his son has a keen problem-solving ability.
Lee Kun Hee is a man of passion and integrity but is cautious in his personal exposure. He has a character of dreamer so dislikes any restrictions placed on him. He maintains a hard working and self-sacrificing value system but has a tendency to do too many projects at the same time. Lee Byung Chul, the former Samsung chief had amazing focus and concentration powers and planned his work thoroughly. But he was not vey humorous and did not like to enjoy life. The former chief preferred a compact bureaucratic organization and his son displays a self-control type.
Ku Bon Moo, is a born mediator. While he is aptly nicknamed the Promoter. He is not afraid of crisis and is good at solving problems. He often acts liberal but his values are conservative. Ku Ja Kyung, the former LG chief was so unassuming and honest that he could not be embarrassed.
Kim Woo Jung is a man of numerous accomplishments and is nicknamed McCarthur after the U.S. general. He is so realistic that he is not interested in any non-practical works. He likes to organize all facets of the company and can be an excellent leader when he is open to other's opinion.
Choi Jong Hyun who is nicknamed Socrates, is a scholarly type. He liked to thoroughly discuss all issues from all angles . He was quiet mannered but his vision was innovative. He expressed his opinion in a definite way and had a tendency not to consider other's opinion.

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