Fortunetelling the Saju Way

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Fortunetelling the Saju Way

Do you believe that your destiny is really in your own hands? Can anything be changed atall? You've heard the cliches: fate played adirty trick on someone, how things never work out the way one wants them to.

Instead of sitting back and saying, "It is out of my control," why don't you try to find out a positive way of looking at it?

In Korea one can go to a fortuneteller, a very common social phenomenon throughout the country.

Among the Korean fortunetelling methods, the most common is what Koreans call Saju. "Sa" literally means "four" and "ju" means "pillars," from the Chinese character symbolizing a year, month, day and hour of birth. It is a profound field of study that involves calculations, analysis and interpretations.

According to Song Byeong-chang, a renowned Saju fortuneteller who predicted the death of North Korea's Kim Il-sung in 1994, people come to visit him for a glimpse of what will happen to them in the future. He said some people desperately need a guiding beacon in their lives, especially when facing difficult decisions.

"Some people just want to know about things like marriage, entrance into universities, employment, whether their family will prosper, or whether they will live long," he said.

Saju has quickly penetrated into today's high-technology society. There is a great number of online fortunetellers that can help you unravel the puzzle of your destiny. Now, you can "have your destiny foretold" online! Click on websites such as Digital Fortuneteller(, Oriental Fortune 21( or Magic Fortune Rug( You can get to know your fate and fortunes and thus act accordingly.

Computer software is now available for the rapid determining of one's future. Some online fortunetellers offer free or low-cost fortunetelling services that include lucky numbers and auspicious dates. However, be aware that the information contained herein is intended for entertainment purposes.

As an old saying goes, "A battle fought with an enemy whose moves are thoroughly understood is a battle half won." So find out what fate has in store for you.

by Kim Jae-sun

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