Infant Vaccines Deemed Safe in Spite of Many Complications

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Infant Vaccines Deemed Safe in Spite of Many Complications

The National Institute of Health (NIH) reported that of the six baby vaccine shot accidents that occurred last November, four were definitely not the result of vaccine shots.
Investigation into the six accidents led the NIH to report on February 22 that only two of the accidents resulted directly from the babies receiving vaccinations. More in-depth examinations of the two related accidents are being performed. The NIH found reasons unrelated to vaccination for the other accidents: the two deaths were cases of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, one baby suffered from an unrelated infection, and the other had a case of septicemia.
There is also no definitive proof that the babies who went blind and deaf after having their DPT (Diphtheria, Tetanus, and Pertusis) shots in the Nowon district last November did so because of the vaccine shots. Therefore, investigations are continuing in order to find out the actual cause of the accidents.
As for the baby who died in Chungju on the 15th, there is speculation that the baby died as a result of malnourishment or due to a birth defect. An experiment is now in progress to determine whether this death has a direct relationship with the vaccine shot or not.
Kim Moon-shick of the NIH stated, 'Through various experiments, it has been proven that the vaccine shots have no relation to the accidents. The vaccine shots are safe, so people should not become needlessly worried.'
However, The NIH requested that parents monitor their babies' condition closely for 30 minutes after receiving vaccinations, and keep a close eye on the baby for 3 days following. Also, if the vaccination area becomes red and swollen, or the baby is crying more than usual, they should be taken immediately to the nearest hospital.

Shin Sung-shick:
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