New Film Allows Ko So-young to Move To the Role of a Warm-Hearted Mother

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New Film Allows Ko So-young to Move To the Role of a Warm-Hearted Mother

Ko So-young, a major actress in Korean films, signals a turn in the development of her screen persona with the new film, "A Day."

Miss Ko has so far won admiration from audiences for her skilled, natural acting. But the new role adds to Miss Ko's screen image as reckless, daring and down-to-earth.

"Unlike her previous films, in 'A Day' she plays a very sensitive and warm-hearted woman. She is filled with love and maternal sacrifice," said Ro Il-hwan, her manager.

The director Han Ji-seung's third film, "A Day" is a drama with a comic touch. The story is about the love and troubles of a married couple in their early 30s. After a wait of seven years, they finally hear that a baby is due, only to discover that the child is destined to live a very short life. This news brings them torment, bitterness and confusion.

Jin-won, the character played by Miss Ko in her first role as a mother, decides to give birth rather than have an abortion. When the baby soon dies she decides to donate its organs. "She expressed her sorrow so naturally and realistically that when she cried, all the crew cried with her," Mr. Ro said. "This film has seen a great development in the depth of her acting."

Born in 1972, Miss Ko got started in the film industry with "The Fox With Nine Tails" in 1994, which was followed by a series of successful dramas including "Beat" (1997), "If the Sun Rises in the West" (1998), "Love Wind, Love Song" (1999) and "Love" (1999). Achieving nationwide recognition through many different roles, she became a favorite among Korean audiences.

"The film mainly focuses on portraying the parents' emotions in the face of this tragedy, in particular the mother's mental anguish. Miss Ko worked hard to bring these complicated feelings to the screen," said Mr. Han.

Han Ji-seung has also enjoyed popularity among movie-goers with such films as "Ghost Mamma" (1997) and "Tie A Yellow Ribbon" (1998).

"A Day" is currently nearing the end of production, with its release scheduled on Jan. 20, according to its production company.

by Kim Jae-seon

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