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[EDITORIALS]Enter the politicians

It took the government 14 years to put Yoon Tae-shik on trial for murdering his wife and that much time for the people to learn that the intelligence agency was involved in trying to cover up the case. Now politicians are accused of aiding, for money, Mr. Yoon's business as well as using the intelligence service to turn the death of Susie Kim into a spy case.

The Financial Supervisory Service reported to the prosecution that Mr. Yoon diverted capital intended for the business of the company he owned. The company, Pass 21 Co., a high-tech start-up specializing in bio-authentication technology, reportedly expanded at an amazing pace, and the share price shot up at a rate unseen in comparable stocks.

What was behind that explosive growth? Rumor had it during the Pass 21 stock boom that the intelligence service was planning to buy from the firm. If those rumors were true, it would mean that the agency was not only in on the cover-up of the murder, but was also helping the business of a criminal. In the process, the allegations go, Mr. Yoon moved in on powerful politicians to provide money, and a former cabinet minister was brought in to the company as chairman to help the cause. The lawmakers that speculation says were on the list of Mr. Yoon's acquaintances are powerful in both the ruling and opposition parties, making the allegations all the more serious.

So the intelligence service could have been in business with a criminal. Even the fact that such rumors were circulating suggests that something was wrong.

If it is proven that not only did the intelligence agency try to cover up a criminal case for political purposes but used taxpayer money to fund the criminal's business, it cannot be forgiven. The very existence of a government agency that violates ethical norms to this extent cannot be justified.

The Susie Kim murder case has shown how low an ugly and corrupt public authority can sink. The schemes continue to emerge, and intelligence agents and prosecutors suspected of involvement in the cover-up are in detention. Uncovering the facts of the case must include this political influence peddling and the identity of Mr. Yoon's protectors.
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