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[EDITORIALS]Ignoring the Viewers

When the conflict between the Korea Entertainment Producers Association and the Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation grew stronger, our concerns worsened. The conflict began as the association protested against the MBC's program titled "Sisa Magazine 2580: The Management of Entertainers - Comparison Between Korea & Japan," which aired June 17.

Members of the association decided to cease appearing on MBC TV indefinitely, and its crippled TV programs have since been put without those entertainers. The Broadcasting Producer Association of Korea announced a statement to explain their complaints and performers belonging to the entertainment producers association have officially announced a boycott of the MBC's programs. The series of recent events implies that the situation has become a tug-of-war between the two powers of broadcasters and the entertainers.

We do understand the entertainment producers association's complaint that the TV program degraded the reputation of entertainers and management agencies by exaggerating some extreme cases. Yet, we have to criticize the association for ignoring the systemic tools, such as the Press Arbitration Commission, but instead began exercising their power first. It is troublesome that the association seemed to believe that the law doesn't matter if fists are near.

At the same time, we agree with the MBC that problems should be corrected even if they are only limited to some people. Yet, the broadcaster was careless in using extremely emotional expressions such as "slavery contracts" in its program. The company should have considered the consequences of nationwide broadcasting and its impact on our society. Despite such concerns, the two sides remind us of trains running on a same track toward each other, ignoring the viewers.

Both sides should discontinue the power contest in which they take the media as a hostage. The officially scheduled programs are promises made to the public. However, viewers had to watch crippled programs for no reason. We will no longer accept such conditions.

The broadcaster and the entertainment producers association perhaps are trying to show off their strength in order to resolve all accumulated problems between each other. If that is the case, they are ignoring the spirit of the public duty of the media and trifling with the viewers.
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