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[EDITORIALS]Pass the budget bill - now

The National Assembly failed to meet the legal deadline on the budget bill. Based on Article 54 of the Constitution, the assembly should have voted on the bill by Sunday, 30 days before the beginning of the fiscal year. Due to the dispute over summoning the prosecutor general before the lawmakers, it becomes highly possible that lawmakers will not be able to vote on the budget bill before the ordinary session ends this Sunday.

It is evident that the National Assembly violated the Constitution. Lawmakers seemed to believe that Article 54 of the Constitution is nothing more than an instruction, but such an attitude is irresponsible and lacks principle. The legal deadline was stipulated to give the government enough time to set forth implementation plans and to enforce the plans properly. Lawmakers seemed to care nothing about committing violations; they seemed unconcerned about handling state affairs carelessly.

It is also deplorable that both the ruling and opposition parties feel no guilt about violating the Constitution. The ruling and opposition parties have frequently released official statements on various subjects, but this time none of them made an apology to the people for failing to meet the deadline. Although the National Assembly has failed to meet the legal deadline on the budget bill eight times since the 13th session of the assembly, lawmakers seemed to see nothing wrong with that.

If needed, the government could draft a provisional budget plan and begin implementing it. Still, politicians should reconsider if they ever had a proper and acceptable reason for violating the deadline. Since the legislative body does not hesitate to commit violations, how can it demand that the people respect the law? Lawmakers should mull over why many people shouted for joy when the legislators recently received parking violation tickets en masse.

Time is running out. The National Assembly should stop discussing a political agenda and urge all its subcommittees to pass the budget bill. The careless management and ineffectiveness of the government budget bill have reached a serious level. Recovery of the economy and the livelihood of the people should be the priority when voting on the budget and legislative bills.
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