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[EDITORIALS]Put the Arrows Back in Your Quiver

The ruling and opposition parties are attacking each other through irresponsible muckraking, only confusing the people. In particular, the floor leaders, who are supposed to initiate rational discussions between the parties, are using these shameless tactics.

Lee Jae-oh, the Grand National Party's floor leader announced he would reveal the names of the ruling party heavyweights who are said to be involved in the Lee Yong-ho scandal during the National Assembly's plenary session.

Lee Sang-soo, the Millennium Democratic Party's floor leader, said he would raise questions about the companies that allegedly gave slush funds to the opposition party.

Over the past month, the economy has faltered as scandals have dominated the political scene. We face a continuing erosion of the situation if politicians continue to indulge in muckraking. It is because that investment in general would be inevitably contracted and its consequences have to be shouldered only by the people.

Why do the two representative lawmakers of the ruling and opposition parties sow suspicions by making unsubstantiated accusations? These are really irresponsible acts with no benefit for the country.

It is not too late. If either party has the slightness evidence of any scandal, it should hand it over to the prosecution for verification. If they don't know for sure, they should not say there are "things that will surprise the people."

The people are well aware that the opposition party is trying to take control of the political scene by keeping the Lee Yong-ho scandal alive by whatever means, and meanwhile the ruling party is trying to turn the tables by making accusations to put the opposition party in a defensive position.

Even if next year's local and presidential elections and this month's by-elections for lawmakers were seen a monumentally important, the ruling and opposition parties should not spread rootless rumors. This would only push the current political quagmire and political distrust by the people to the brink. To reduce political distrust, all suspicions should be cleared up in due process and not used for vulgar politicking.
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