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[EDITORIALS]Resolve Crisis Through Dialogue

War between the United States and Afghanistan seems imminent. Only a declaration of war by U.S. President George W. Bush is lacking. Afghanistan is staunchly rejecting U.S. threats of attack and refusing to extradite to a third country Osama bin Laden, suspected of having orchestrated the terrorist attacks in the United States last Tuesday. A declaration of war is only a question of time. Considering the terrible disaster of war and the aftermath of war, the United States and Afghanistan should think twice about the situation and make all efforts to find a point of agreement.

The two countries should think coldly about the perpetrators of the recent terrorist acts. The United States has pointed to terrorist bin Laden from Saudi Arabia as the culprit. If the United States surmises that bin Laden is guilty of the recent attacks and unilaterally strikes Afghanistan, which has been protecting him, it may regain its dignity in the short-term and teach a lesson to terrorist groups. But on the other hand, it could foster the long-term growth of hatred toward the United States in the Islamic world. Therefore, the United States should first strengthen its investigative work and cooperation with countries related to the suspected terrorists. Instead of threatening Afghanistan, it should use persuasion.

The Taliban government of Afghanistan should now come out of its international isolation. It should think deeply why the entire world is agreeing with the United States, which sees the recent attacks not just as an act of terrorism, but a declaration of war, and has claimed its will to act as a sovereign state. In both the scale and method, the recent attacks were so horribly beyond imagination that the countermeasures may also inevitably go beyond the usual responses. Even if a person or group is friendly to a country, if they are accused of having committed dastardly crimes, they should be handed over to the international community, according to international norms. Further, holding Western dignitaries captive should not be attempted.

The United States and Afghanistan should resolve this crisis through direct bilateral talks or through a third country. Peaceful attempts to resolve conflict through dialogue is the most valuable and lasting way to solve problems.
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