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[EDITORIALS]Those shocking allegations

The people are appalled by the corruption by members of the inner circle of the ruling camp that Mr. Choi Gyu-seon alleges in a recorded soliloquy. His description of them addressing each other as if they are partners in a criminal ring shows the administration of Kim Dae-jung as having degraded the country as a whole. The Kim government has not gained the public's confidence in this affair, saying, "It is groundless," or "Let's wait for the prosecution's investigation," whenever a new allegation erupts.

The prosecution and the government have to be wary of their reputation regarding Mr. Choi's tape and suspicions over the president's sons. The prosecution is expected to investigate whether a secret Blue House meeting was held to gag Mr. Choi by sending him abroad, if the facts showed that the president's third son, Kim Hong-gul, received 300 million won ($230,000) from Mr. Choi, and the president's second son, Kim Hong-up, conducted illegal financial transaction with his high school friend, Mr. Kim Sung-hwan. But most of what is alleged on the tape is beyond the jurisdiction of the prosecution.

The Kim government should explain the relationship between the president and Kim Woo-choong, the former chairman of the defunct Daewoo Group. There are other questions that also have to be answered by the Kim government. What are the words by Mr. Choi that might force the president to step down? Why did Kwon Roh-kap, the second most powerful man in the Kim government, volunteer to protect Mr. Choi? Was there a power struggle within the ruling camp surrounding the investigation into the aborted concert by Michael Jackson?

President Kim's apology did not meet the people's expectations. The Blue House should not wait for the investigation. It should address things to be corrected or clarified on Mr. Choi's tape and take a stand. That would be the least the government can do at this juncture.

Furthermore, resolving this issue is the priority of national governance, more important than preparing for the World Cup.
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