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[EDITORILAS]Same Cast, Same Tired Plot

Kim Jong-pil returned Tuesday to the presidency of the United Liberal Democrats. His move made us ponder again when the three Kims' political era will come to an end.

The ULD's national convention was dominated by Mr. Kim's ferocious tenacity in trying to stage a comeback; he wants to stand on his own two feet again after the breakdown of his coalition with President Kim Dae-jung's party.

But the people are tired of seeing and hearing Mr. Kim's rallying cries and political slogans. They are an attempt to stimulate nostalgia for former President Park Chung Hee's rule, to target the right-wing niche in the political spectrum, consolidating the position of a third political party, and to use regional animosity for political gain.

Mr. Kim was silent when Kim Young-sam's government criticized the coup that brought Park Chung Hee to office, but he extolled the accomplishments of President Park during his attempts to form a new political party after he was expelled from the Democratic Liberal Party. After he joined with President Kim Dae-jung, he did not explain clearly his position on the matter of building a memorial to President Park, leading to criticism that he invokes President Park's name whenever he is in political trouble.

After hinting at a new party for conservatives at his recent meeting with Kim Young-sam, he recently said, "A major restructuring will inevitably happen in the political landscape." His niche strategy is to increase the uncertainty and ambiguity of our political scene in order to break the two-party structure. In addition, he constantly says things like, "The roots of the ULD are in Taegu," and "Chungchong will play a role in the presidential election" to stimulate regionalism.

The people are tired of these shopworn tactics. The same criticism can be made of Kim Young-sam, who also seems to be acting like a political spoiler instead of an elder statesman.

Ironically, President Kim Dae-jung and Lee Hoi-chang, president of the leading opposition party, are also to blame. President Kim's administration is drifting, and Lee Hoi-chang has not shown signs of being able to do any better. A new political grouping could grow from the failures of President Kim and Mr. Lee, but we doubt the people will listen to the old song of the three Kims.
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