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Explain That Press Document

The Millennium Democratic Party needs to get its story straight about the document that has aroused so much interest by implying that the ruling party is trying to exercise control over news organizations that oppose it. When the document was first publicized in the Sisa Journal, party officials feigned ignorance, saying that the provenance of the document was unknown, and the MDP continues to equivocate even now, though the magazine has publicly stated that it received the document from someone in the ruling camp. Speaking as if he knew all the details, a MDP spokesman said, "You'd all laugh if you knew who wrote the document," but then in a briefing on the 22nd of this month, he claimed, "According to the results of an informal investigation, the document has no connection with the party." He further said that the party would take legal action if the magazine does not reveal the source but otherwise the party is tight-lipped.

What is the explanation for this waffling? The MDP is probably worried that if the origin of the document becomes known, allegations that the ongoing media tax audits and investigations by the Fair Trade Commission are actually part of the ruling camp's strategy to bring the media in line would be confirmed. It is also possible that the document was not produced by anyone related to the MDP but by some secret organization with ruling camp connections. Or the ruling party may wish not to give the opposition an excuse to strengthen demands for an inquiry.

The Sisa Journal asserts that it acquired the document while gathering information on a group that is active in media reform and that the person who handed it over is an advocate of such reform. The magazine says that this person correctly predicted the Fair Trade Commission investigation. In light of the way this matter has unfolded, it seems clear that someone in the ruling camp actually did look into ways and a mode of operation to tame the media.

If this assertion is in err, either the Blue House or MDP should clarify the truth. The public is greatly concerned about a series of government measures meddling in the media. With no adequate explanation, the ruling party has no recourse but to submit to a parliamentary investigation.
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