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Get Ready for Mel Gibson's Latest Movie

Mel Gibson, who stars in the soon-to-be-released movie "What Women Want," turns 44 on Wednesday. Gibson, whom "People" magazine named as "Sexiest Man Alive" in 1985, plays a lady's man, Nick Marshall, in "What Women Want." Quite the chauvinist, Marshall misses a big promotion at his Chicago-based advertising agency to a woman, Darcy Maguire (Helen Hunt). Through a freak accident, Marshall develops the ability to hear women's thoughts.

In real life, Gibson is very much a family man. He and his wife of 20 years have seven children. Gibson's career also spans more than 20 years, during which time he has played many leading roles, showing he does have that special something that women want. The romantic comedy, "What Women Want," will be released Jan. 13 in Korea.

Some of Gibson's other smash-hit movies are:

Mad Max (1980)

Directed by George Miller. Starring Mel Gibson, Joanne Samuel, Hugh Keays-Byrne, Steve Bisley, Tim Burns and Roger Ward.

This cult classic helped make Gibson a star. He was reportedly involved in a barroom brawl the night before auditioning for the role of Max Rockatansky. Walking into the audition with a bruised face helped Gibson get the role.

The film is set some time in a desolate future. Max is a highway patrolman who snaps when a motorcycle gang attacks his wife and child. The renegade policeman sets out to gain vengeance.

Lethal Weapon (1987)

Directed by Richard Donner. Starring Mel Gibson, Danny Glover, Gary Busey, Mitch Ryan, Tom Atkins and Darlene Love.

Gibson continued his action hero role in this popular "copy buddy" movie. He plays Martin Riggs, a maverick policeman paired with respectable, rule-abiding Roger Murtaugh (Glover). The two put an end to a local heroin ring.

Over-the-top cop scenes mixed with humorous interactions between Gibson and Glover helped make this movie a box office hit.

Braveheart (1995)

Directed by Mel Gibson. Starring Gibson, Sophie Marceau, Patrick McGoohan, Catherine McCormack, Angus MacFadyen, Brendan Gleeson and Sean McGinley.

Gibson swept the Oscars with "Braveheart," which he directed and produced. He plays legendary 13th century Scottish hero William Wallace, known to his countrymen as "Braveheart." When tragedy strikes close to his heart, Wallace rallies the Scots against the tyrannical English monarch Edward I. Armed with a strong belief in freedom, the ragtag band of warriors wreaks havoc among the English soldiers in Scotland.

Packed with romance, betrayal and action scenes, "Braveheart" has all the ingredients of mainstream movie hits.
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