[MOVIE PREVIEW]Brad and Julia - 'Nuff Said!

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[MOVIE PREVIEW]Brad and Julia - 'Nuff Said!

For some movies, you do not care about the bad reviews from those self-important critics; you just buy the tickets. "The Mexican," is one such flick.

Indeed, the fact that you can see Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts together for two hours guarantees that you will probably not regret seeing the film. Though it is questionable whether these two really make a perfect couple, the story they present is quite entertaining.

Directed by Gore Verbinski, whose last film was "Mouse Hunt" (1997), the story is about the ongoing dispute between Sam and Jerry, whose five-year love affair is at stake.

Brad Pitt, whose elegance in "The Legends of the Fall" left such a vivid image for movie buffs, is now the dull-witted tramp, Jerry. While Pitt's image in film may be ruined, Julia Roberts as Samantha, successfully maintains her lovely image, which fits this kind of romantic comedy perfectly.

Jerry is an unsuccessful bag man and sick and tired of his life. At the same time, he is too lily-livered to bravely put an end to it.

Now, he has two missions. The one from his boss entails a trip to Mexico to reclaim the legendary pistol named The Mexican - or pay the dear price for disobedience. The second is from his girlfriend, Sam. She wants him to end his loathsome job as a subordinate of the Mob - or she will leave him and head for Las Vegas.

Poor Jerry is terrified of both of them, but he thinks that at least his girlfriend will not put an end to his life and follows his boss' orders. Outraged, Sam leaves Jerry while he travels to Mexico. It is unexpectedly easy for him to find the pistol, but to deliver it safely is another matter. To make things worse, Sam is taken hostage by the Mob to guarantee the retrieval of the pistol.

Readers may be happy to know in advance that this movie has a happy ending. A perfect movie for a date, this film presents a number of genres, including action, adventure, romance and comedy. It forced "Hannibal," out of its first place in the box office for two weeks in the United States. The two films will go head to head again in Korea.

This movie will be shown in 80 theaters nationwide from Saturday. In Seoul, you can watch it in 40 theaters, including Seoul Cinema in Jongno, 02-2277-3014, CGV Gangbyeon, 02-3424-1600 and Megabox Cineplex in Samseong-dong, 02-6002-1200.

by Chun Su-jin

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