Ohnoooo! (interj): What skaters yell when the ice breaks

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Ohnoooo! (interj): What skaters yell when the ice breaks

Korean sports fans have been up in arms since last month's controversial ruling that gave Apolo Anton Ohno a short track skating gold medal over Kim Dong-sung. That outrage has added a wealth of slang to the Korean language. Here are some translations:

Ohnolike (adjective): dishonest or deceitful

Ohno (verb) 1: to overact 2: to cheat 3: to be tricked

Ohnoism ( noun): a mass movement to fight injustice, usually carried out through an e-mail campaign

Ohnophobia (noun): the fear of being elbowed

Ohnofy (verb): to become a con artist

Ohno game (noun): a contest in which the result is predetermined

Ohnogeori (noun): judo jargon to describe a move in which one fighter topples his opponent by tripping him with a swift motion (geori means to trip)

Ohno look (noun) 1: the appearance effected when a person wears a yellow cap and a goatee 2: a dirty look

a bandage on Ohno's leg (idiom) 1: an extremely exaggerated situation 2: a package with far more decoration than necessary

A gold medal on Ohno's neck (idiom): an absurd or incompatible combination

Dongsungish (adjective): to have a humble or virtuous disposition

by Inēs Cho

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