[VIDEO REVIEWS]Lie Down With Lopez in Two Movies

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[VIDEO REVIEWS]Lie Down With Lopez in Two Movies

Jennifer Lopez backed into the spotlight 10 years ago with a derriere that had fans clamoring for more. She has since slimmed down her famed asset, while building a career in both acting and singing. Her latest movie "Wedding Planner" came in fourth last weekend, according to the Korean Yahoo! Web site. The movie follows on the heels of her sophomore album, "J. Lo," which reached eighth on the Korean media SynNara pop charts in early spring.

For those looking to feast on this eye candy with other videos, Lopez also had roles in "My Family," "Money Train," "Jack," "U-Turn," "Selena," "Anaconda," "Out of Sight," "Antz" and "The Cell." "The Cell" was reviewed on Feb. 28. Reviewed here are "Selena" and "Out of Sight."

SELENA (1997)

Directed by Gregory Nava. Starring Lopez, Edward James Olmos and Jon Seda.

"Selena" was Lopez's big chance to jump from "fly girl" in the television series "In Living Color" to a big name on the big screen. When Lopez scored the top bill, she became the first Latina to be paid more than $1 million for a film role. That year, People magazine named her one of the 50 most beautiful people.

Based on the life of Selena Quintanilla Perez, "Selena" tells the tragic tale of a rising star who was poised to be the first female Latin American singer to capture the English-speaking market.

A Mexican-American from Texas, Selena struggled for more than a decade before making it big. She won a Grammy award and the hearts of millions of fans. Along the way, she fell in love with her guitarist (Seda) despite opposition from her father (Olmos).

With the promise of greatness already surrounding her at the age of 23, Selena died at the hands of the president of her own fan club.


Directed by Steven Soderbergh. Starring George Clooney, Lopez, Ving Rhames and Albert Brooks.

Lopez continued to hike up the ante for Latina actresses with "Out of Sight." The critical reception of the movie was mixed, but with "Out of Sight," Lopez was splattered over the media as she once again became the highest paid Latina actress in Hollywood.

Based on Elmore Leonard's crime novel "Out of Sight," Lopez plays Karen Sisco, a tough, sexy federal marshal who one day finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Jack Foley (Clooney) is a smooth criminal who is finally nabbed and sent to a prison in Florida. He co-opts another inmate's escape tunnel and breaks out of jail with Buddy Bragg (Rhames). Karen happens to be standing at the other end and is hijacked, along with her car. Sparks fly between Jack and Karen. The two criminals let her go, but she goes after them.

Rule one in the cop world: Do not fall in love with your suspect. Karen chases them to Detroit, where they are planning to rob a former cellmate (Brooks). But in the cat-and-mouse chase, she breaks rule one and needs to decide which side she's on.

by Joe Yong-hee

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