Raunchy dreams of the everyday housewife

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Raunchy dreams of the everyday housewife

The hostess, wearing a silly mask, sat timidly on a sofa while she continually giggled, occasionally tossing back her long, streaming hair.

It was clear to any viewer that this Web site's hostess wasn't a skilled professional; in fact, she was an ordinary housewife whose husband has no clue that she has been on an adult Web site, exposing herself to unseen viewers.

The Web site Fetishboy, launched in September, exclusively features married women on its live show. The housewives even participated in an online question-and-answer talk show, with the president of the company, Jung Seong-il, asking questions about their sexual experiences and their most intimate erotic desires.

The Web site is the first of its kind. "I have been planning a show that features married women for a long time," said Mr. Jung.

Mr. Jung, who has been in the pornography film industry for nearly 20 years, said he even tried asking his wife to guest on the show, guaranteeing her anonymity. She refused to appear.

Mr. Jung's little project sprang out of a collaboration with Lee Suk-hyeon, a woman who was having an affair with Mr. Jung's friend.

Although Ms. Lee wasn't too keen on Mr. Jung's ideas, he eventually persuaded her that it would be impossible for her husband to find out if she went on an adult Web site because there are so many floating around. Ms. Lee finally appeared online, wearing a mask.

Since then, Mr. Jung says, 15 married women have been more than willing to get in front of the camera.

"At first they would fumble and feel awkward, but after a show they realize how easy a job it is," says Mr. Jung. "Now the women often urge us to book them for another shoot."

Mr. Jung says they broadcast a variety of women, fearing that viewers would get bored with watching the same woman. Apparently, with registration in the thousands, no one is getting bored. "There's a beauty in married women," said Mr. Jung. "And that is what draws a lot of men to take interest in them."

Each woman receives 200,000 won ($164) per show. Mr. Jung says some do it for fun, but there are those who volunteer because of financial difficulties.

Mr. Jung tells of others who dreamed of being models before they tied the knot, and were able to "fulfill their dreams" by going on the program.

Mr. Jung says viewers like the show because these women are amateurs. "People are tired of watching pre-scripted scenarios with professional acting. They want the roughness that can't be faked," says Mr. Jung.

To avoid running into legal problems, Mr. Jung requires all of his married women to sign an agreement that they appeared willingly.

"In the future I want to create a Web site where married women can discuss various issues, from education to personal life, said Mr. Jung. "You can't believe the subjects married women talk about."

by Lee Ho-jeong

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