&#91LETTERS TO THE EDITOR&#93Give Roh a chance to unite Korea

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&#91LETTERS TO THE EDITOR&#93Give Roh a chance to unite Korea

Whenever I read Korean newspapers' political sections, I feel a little bit embarrassed. When I read American major newspapers' political sections, I feel like I am seeing the view and direction of a nation. Most of Korean newspapers' views or comments are based on their company's interest or some special group's interests.

As you know, George W. Bush was elected president by a Supreme Court decision one month after the election. U.S. newspapers did not criticize him for almost one year, and he finally led the country to unity and integrity.

A Korean president was recently elected, but there is little harmony to help him lead the nation for unity and integrity. Mr. Roh was elected by a small margin but I believe he will lead the nation in the right direction. He has had no scandals so far, is young and has a vision, but nothing can be done without support from all interest groups, especially newspapers.

by Howard Lee
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