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&#91EDITORIALS&#93Doubts warranted here

Suspicions over the connection between the Millennium Democratic Party and Kim Dae-eop are unusually high. It is known that the MDP lawmaker, Park Joo-sun, informed the prosecutors of Mr. Kim's reappearance. Mr. Kim has been on the wanted list in connection with a draft-dodging scandal investigation. Mr. Park said that he informed Park Young-gwan, the head of the First Special Investigation Division of the Seoul District Prosecutors office, about a week before Mr. Kim resurfaced and that he was asked to inform the prosecutors by Chun Yong-taek. This only helped the suspicions grow.

Before the presidential election, Mr. Kim made allegations about draft-dodging by the son of Lee Hoi-chang, a presidential candidate, but fled when he was suspected of manipulating the evidence. He is also suspected of assuming a false name as an investigator for the prosecution while serving a prison term. Chun Yong-taek was found to have met Mr. Kim in June last year and prepared a separate report on the alleged draft-dodging scandal.

It is unusual that a lawmaker intervenes to help a culprit. The intervention of a politician creates controversy over outside pressure and bias even when the investigation is into an ordinary criminal case. In Kim Dae-eop's case, the MDP's involvement and the people behind him are subject to inquiry. The two lawmakers should be under suspicion.

Investigation into draft-dodging is a sensitive issue. Due to the intense battle between the ruling and the opposition parties, the whole nation paid attention to the investigation. Within the prosecution, there were divisions and the investigation team itself suffered from conflict of opinions. Under such circumstances, the politicians intervened in Mr. Kim's appearance before the prosecutors. How can people believe the inquiry results?

All suspicions related to Mr. Kim should be clarified, and they should be treated according to the law. The MDP should disclose the truth. Considering that senior prosecutor Park Young-gwan was implicated in a controversy over political favors, his team should avoid the Kim Dae-eop case.
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