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[LETTERS TO THE EDITOR]Nationalism is freighted with danger

I am responding to "Stand Tall for Our Dignity As Koreans," the letter published Tuesday on your opinion page. I can say with certainty that all good Americans were saddened by the deaths of the two girls killed by a U.S. Army vehicle.

The writer of that letter, Hong Woo-won, states that the anti-American feelings did not come out of thin air. I agree but in a different way. IT WAS ALWAYS THERE! I lived in Korea for a number of years and married a Korean -- who is not a blind ultra-nationalist, thank God! The Korean side of my family are great people.

There is also a very unhealthy side to nationalism and the spirit of pride from which it springs. America is not perfect, this is evident. Nevertheless, it does not deserve the hatred and vindictiveness that is now being generated toward the United States.

The American people, although many can see the Korean point of view, are taking words and actions to heart. The hate that Americans perceive coming from Korea helps those who not only wish to pull American troops out of Korea but also end the alliance between our two nations.

The younger generation of Koreans should consider the Korea their children will inherit. Will it be a Korea alienated from the West, whose capital is Kim Il Sung City? Think about it.

by Blais Michael

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