&#91LETTERS TO THE EDITOR&#93Attitude puzzle to foreigner

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&#91LETTERS TO THE EDITOR&#93Attitude puzzle to foreigner

I would like to share my feelings with you and this nation about some people's public behavior. I find it unfair that certain Koreans treat other Koreans in a rude, insolent manner compared to the way they treat foreigners. An example of this would be in supermarkets, where they cut in front of each other in line, act rowdy and are plain inconsiderate of each other.

I have noticed that the clerks are more caring toward foreigners than they are toward Koreans. I am not saying that everyone in Korea is like this, but those who are should change their attitude a bit. I think that whether a person is talking to a Korean or foreigner, they should be treated equally. After all, South Korea is a very patriotic country, and has demonstrated this to other countries, particularly during the World Cup soccer games. I would like this country to be an example to others, and I hope I can help other countries become good examples, also.

by Ashley Kang
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