&#91LETTERS TO THE EDITOR&#93Having car towed is a good lesson

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&#91LETTERS TO THE EDITOR&#93Having car towed is a good lesson

I want to respond to Oh Sang-myeong ("Make life easy with a number," Letters, Feb. 6). Mr. Oh is a policeman? In my opinion, he's a poor excuse for one. He wants people to put their telephone number in the windshield of their car so "someone" can call them.

This is a privacy matter, Mr. Oh. Why display your phone number for all to see? I say let the cops do their job! And that should include calling a tow truck to tow away illegally parked cars! The city of Seoul would make millions of won each day by towing illegally parked cars! In civilized countries like Japan, Canada, Taiwan and the United States, cars are towed.

Citizens will learn quickly to not park illegally. Cops should also write tickets to the bus drivers who constantly run red lights. Bus drivers say, "We are in a hurry." Yeah, like bus drivers are not in a hurry in other countries also. You don't see red light runners as much in advanced nations as you do in Seoul. Or taxi drivers running red lights. Or motorcycles on the sidewalks. Or many other traffic laws that are broken.

I see cops every day standing on the street corners when cars beep their horns telling pedestrians to get out of the crosswalk when the light is green for pedestrians -- and the cops do nothing! Citizens know the traffic laws; when we take the written drivers test and receive our driver's license, that implies that we know the traffic rules. So, no warning is needed. When these idiots who park illegally start paying 200,000 won ($170) each time they have to pay the tow company to retrieve their car, they will learn!

by B Malinski
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