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&#91LETTERS TO THE EDITOR&#93Field Guide outlived usefulness

O.K., guys the clownish (J-Style) bird articles have become ridiculous and I think counter-productive. Are they ever going to stop? Will there be one based loosely on politicians next week? How about one on street vendors the week after? Don't forget to do one on newspaper editors.
After the first one appeared a few months ago I thought, "O.K., that's mildly witty and somewhat original." Then, the second article in the series made me think (1) you guys had probably gotten some compliments so you wanted to try it again, and (2) I hope this is the last one. Then, a third article in the series made me wonder whether or not you guys are just slacking off. Now, after seeing it for a fifth or a sixth (I've stopped tracking it) time last week, it is beginning to make me reconsider your seriousness as a news entity.
The silly bird articles, other than having lost their originality, have become a parody of themselves. Moreover, in such a conformist-dominated society they serve to propagate untrue stereotypes. I guess there are some creatures like the ones you describe, but doesn't your paper think that there isn't other more important/relevant events/news to disseminate?

by Chris Mulvey
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