&#91LETTERS TO THE EDITOR&#93Roh victory product of uneducated generation

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&#91LETTERS TO THE EDITOR&#93Roh victory product of uneducated generation

I predict that Roh Moo-hyun’s presidency will take Korea back to isolationism and ignorance of the global community. Clearly, he will betray his former supporters.
Look at how he treated the former Hyundai chairman, Chung Mun-joong, and even the United States. As you know, he used anti-Americanism to win; then he appealed to the United States during his inauguration, saying how crucial the American-Korean alliance is. Mr. Roh has the same problem as those who voted for him. He won his race with the votes of an ignorant and spoiled young generation of Koreans.
Young people there are all about a trend. I was in Korea this winter and heard one 26 year old woman saying, “I’m going to vote for Roh. Everyone else is. It's the trend.” The “young” generation in the past had the lowest voter turnout. They have never educated themselves properly or had an interest in politics. By the way, the girl did not even know the history of the Korean War.
In the United States, young kids choose to go to college. In Korea, it is the opposite. A child has no choice but to memorize facts and then try to get into college. Once they get in, they are burned out. They lose the chance to nurture their skills of critical thought.
Korea has chosen the most inexperienced individual during an era where intensive global diplomacy and knowledge are required.

by Cho Soo Yun
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