&#91LETTERS TO THE EDITOR&#93A university lost award certificates

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&#91LETTERS TO THE EDITOR&#93A university lost award certificates

I am a university freshman. I would like to present my disappointing experience in applying to W University in Jeolla province.
Having received many awards during my high school years, I applied for a special admission for award winners in the second semester. But owing to certain reasons, I chose to attend another university. So I asked W University for my original documents, including my awards, to be returned.
With numerous excuses, they asked me to wait. They were busy, looking for the file cabinet keys, so on and so forth. After a long wait, I asked if they had lost the document. They admitted finally that they had. Naturally I was displeased and asked the document to be found or reissued. The answer given was, “You are making a big deal over nothing!”
How dare they say such a thing? It may be a piece of paper for you, but for me, that piece of paper is a valuable memory. I demand a sincere apology and reparation.

by Kim Dong-suk
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