More St. Patty’s fun than in Ireland

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More St. Patty’s fun than in Ireland

Saint Patrick’s Day is Monday, and the Irish community is in full swing, as only the Irish can be.
“I’m Irish 365 days a year,” says Robert Jackson, first secretary and deputy head of mission at the Irish embassy. “I hope on St. Patrick’s Day, many more people will want to be Irish for a day.”
The embassy counts 250 Irish in Korea, not including Irish-Americans. At the parade in Itaewon last year, more than 2,000 people joined the festivities. If the numbers from last year are any indication, the Irish ranks will swell again this weekend.
In Ireland proper, the day is a religious event commemorating a Briton who converted Ireland to Christianity during the 5th century. Elsewhere, St. Patrick’s Day has become what Tom Coyner, chairman of the Irish Association, calls “a celebration of life.”
In Korea, St. Patrick’s Day has become a 10-day celebration, which began this year on March 7.
The Irish community has already hosted a huge party, or hoolie, a Gaelic football game, a poetry reading and a whiskey tasting. If you missed out, read on. There’s more to come.


Can you survive this St. Patrick’s Day weekend celebration?

Equipment needed/Preparation
1. One die from another board game.
2. One token from another game for each player.
3. Cut out the cards, below, and stack them so the questions are face down.

1. Place the tokens on Start.
2. Throw the die. The person with the highest number goes first, moving forward the number thrown.
3. Moving to the right, the other players each throw the die, moving forward the number on the die’s face. If a player lands on a shamrock, he gets to join the St. Patrick’s Day festivities.
4. If a player lands on an orange dot, an opponent of his choice picks up a card and reads the question to him.
5. If the player is unable to answer correctly, he must move back one space. If he answers correctly, he gets to roll again.
6. The person who reaches the end first wins the game.

by Joe Yong-hee, Min Byung-hee
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