Join the global hunt for terrorists ― from a comfortably safe distance

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Join the global hunt for terrorists ― from a comfortably safe distance

If the worldwide hunt for terrorists has you craving a shooting game that lets you get in on the action ― from a safe distance ― Rainbow Six: Raven Shield is the one to own.
As with other Rainbow Six titles, you lead an elite counterterrorist unit into missions that range from rescuing hostages to simply killing every terrorist in a given area.
Commandos navigate different terrain and structures, including city streets and oil refineries.
Needless to say, terrorists will pop up out of nowhere, making your life difficult as you make your way to your goal.
You get to choose the number of people on your team, up to eight.
An aspect that makes Raven Shield extra fun is that you get to select the equipment that you and your team will carry.
Assault rifles, like the M-4 used by American special forces, sniper rifles, shotguns, explosives, body heat sensors and flash grenades are just a few of the items that you can choose from the well-stocked armory.
Once all the equipment has been selected, you move to the planning stage, enabling you to set up stations for your team on a map of the mission area.

The Verdict: Raven Shield is a much smarter game than previous installments in the Rainbow Six series.
A simple gung-ho style charge won’t get you very far. Overall, graphics and sounds have been fine-tuned.
The game provides tons of replay value, especially if you opt to play over the Internet and fight with other players around the globe.
Reloading and switching between weapons is a little slow, but the new installment lives up to the high standards set when the Rainbow Six series made its debut in 1998.

by Brian Lee
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