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&#91EDITORIALS&#93Quit pointing fingers

Our government’s present condition leaves us far from being reassured. Where does this sense of uneasiness and that something is amiss come from, and what must we do to set things aright? It is the common opinion that the present sense of crisis comes from a lack of leadership displayed by the new government. The central figures of this government, however, are now arguing that the problem of leadership is being caused by the media. Last Saturday, Lee Chang-dong, the minister of culture, appeared on a television debate and complained that the media were “attacking the leadership of the president without any grounds.” The Blue House chief of staff had also recently expressed his displeasure over the media’s treatment of the president. “How can [the media] criticize the president so? They should show great decency and manners.”
The supporters are right. The president needs to be treated presidentially. We agree with Mr. Lee’s comment that thoughtless criticism of the president’s leadership does not help the development of this country. But why, the government officials should ask themselves, is the president’s leadership being questioned over and over? Government officials need to be asking themselves whether they should be reviewing themselves and seeing if they have anything that needs changing.
Let’s review the new government’s behavior since the inauguration. Who was it that first declared a “war on the media” and showed hostility toward the media at the start of this administration? None other than Mr. Lee. For the culture minister to say that he had been “receiving attacks from the media for the last 100 days without even a honeymoon period” is outrageous. What has the new government done in the last 100 days?
It is our hope that the president receives all the respect that is due to him and leads our government to better things down the road. We in the media will decide to praise what should be praised and to criticize what needs criticizing. Ask not what the media is criticizing you about. Instead, ask what you have done to receive the criticism.
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