&#91LETTERS TO THE EDITOR&#93Fastest way to hospital? A tow truck

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&#91LETTERS TO THE EDITOR&#93Fastest way to hospital? A tow truck

I laughed a lot reading your “At home abroad” story on June 23 about driving in Seoul.
Here in Busan, many tractor trailers have no tread left on their tires and the belts can be seen. The rear lights are smashed. They have no mud flaps; those got lost a long time ago. They can easily hurl a stone through your windshield. But dozens of policemen man their checkpoints.
And what’s the fastest emergency vehicle? Police? No! Ambulances? No! It’s the tow trucks. They are equipped with blinking lights of all colors if necessary, and of course with the loudest alarms of all. They drive like crazy through the city, elbowing other traffic aside. Is there a life in danger when a car breaks down? Yes, when the tow trucks converge on the scene.

by Hans H. Glieden
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