More than one way to slice a hot dog or toss an insult . . .

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More than one way to slice a hot dog or toss an insult . . .
Just what is an Octodog? It is a handheld gadget designed to slice your hot dog into the shape of an octopus.
Dealers are not posted yet, so if you hurry, you just might be able to hand out a new business card: Certified Octodog Dealer.
Microwaves are good for more than heating food. You can make a CD sparkle, a match stick erupt in a fireball, a lightbulb glow and a bar of soap expand.
The host of this Web site experiments with objects inside a microwave and adds this disclaimer: “Every experiment you perform is done at your own risk.” After one such lightbulb experiment, the host says, “My eyes weren’t damaged, but I don’t think looking at this is good for you.” In other words, proceed with caution.
Question: Whose microwave does he use and just how many has he destroyed?
Use the custom insult generator to come up with a special insult. Or, you can click on links to categories such as personality, intelligence, and appearance, depending on your intended target. If only you could implant this site in your brain and fire away.
Pick your poison. You do something really stupid, and in the process (A) accidentally kill a cop or (B) accidentally kill a mafioso.
This Web site lists hundreds of questions with only two options. You can also compare your answers with those of other people who have visited the Web site.
“Titanic” has 165 mistakes, “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring” has 119 and “Gladiator” had 110. Movies from “Matrix Reloaded” to “American Pie” to “The Princess Bride” -- and their gaffes -- are included. There are cast members bumping into doors, actresses being called by their real names and movies set in 1912 with characters sporting digital watches.

by Joe Yong-hee
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