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&#91EDITORIALS&#93Harmful conspiracy theory

According to press reports, the political community is being stirred by a conspiracy theory. It is said that a group of young ruling party members will establish a new power center and clear out the older generations to achieve generational change. In the process, they aim to cleanse the opposition party, too. The rumor that a political heavyweight of the ruling party is in the background gives it more impact.
There is no evidence to verify the theory. It has caused a vacuum in government operation, however, and made the legislature idle, as the theory has hit the political community hard. Surrounding the prosecution’s investigation of the Goodmorning City bribery scandal, the theory started to spread from the ruling party.
It is a natural consequence of the ruling party’s own deeds that it is driven into a corner. Decreasing support for the president, the unsuccessful launching of a new party and a controversy over presidential election funds are all its own creation. The unprincipled application of government policies and taking sides in state affairs have dragged the president’s popularity down. The struggle between the old and new factions in the party over the creation of a new party has heightened confrontation among party members. Ruling parties commonly refrain from talking about election at an early stage in order not to disturb the operation of the government. But it started to talk about the next election even before the new government was inaugurated.
The ruling party’s chairman put himself in the center of a controversy over presidential election financing by confessing that he accepted illegal funds from a developer. Then, the suspicion was raised that the list of politicians who are suspected of accepting bribes from the Goodmorning City developer was leaked by a presidential secretary.
Political restructuring cannot be achieved by lowering the age of politicians. Nor can it be achieved with such tactics as spreading a conspiracy theory, which are no less treacherous than those of the older generations. In order to reform politics, such treachery and political arrogance must go first.
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