&#91LETTERS TO THE EDITOR&#93‘Monster’ GIs are not devouring Korea

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&#91LETTERS TO THE EDITOR&#93‘Monster’ GIs are not devouring Korea

When is the Democratic Labor Party going to wake up? I was appalled to see some sort of “peace gathering” in a public park in Ulsan. There was a slide show with caricatures of American soldiers as monsters along with a narrator making monster noises.
It does not bother me that they are blatantly pro-North Korea, but they were trying to brainwash children, including my students.
While I didn’t understand all that was said, I can only imagine what lies were being told by these “stewards of peace,” the Democratic Labor Party.
These facts were probably not included in their rants to elementary school children:
1. The United States and other allies kept Korea from being reunified in 1950 on Kim Il Sung’s terms.
2. Had that happened, dissenters like those in Ulsan would have been killed.
3. No country has given Korea better growth opportunities through trade than has the United States.
4. No foreign country has come close to the amount of American blood spilled for the benefit of the Korean people, although other allies’ sacrifices cannot be forgotten.
5. The two “martyred girls” last June are but two of the 3,700 pedestrians killed each year in South Korea.
6. The North Korean government killed five South Korean sailors in June, 2002, but the Democratic Labor Party held no events on the anniversary.
The party’s view is that the Korean people are superior to all other races and ethnicities. They also hold that all of Korea’s problems come from outside of country, namely the United States. They also have an affinity for the North Korean regime. When will people in Korea start to challenge these kooks who are trying to brainwash their children?

by Todd M. Curro
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