This cutlet chain is really on a roll with its cheese-stuffed creations

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This cutlet chain is really on a roll with its cheese-stuffed creations

What do you get when fried pork cutlet meets melted mozzarella cheese? Rollkasu.
Iki, with branches in trendy hangouts like Apgujeong-dong, Gangnam and the Ewha Woman’s University and Hongik University areas, specializes in the cheese-stuffed pork cutlet rolls.
Donkatsu or pork cutlets seem to have an enduring popularity here, but most of them taste bland and are often too greasy and tough to chew.
The uniqueness of the cutlets at Iki is that they are pounded flat, breaded and stuffed with a layer of fancy ingredients before being rolled up and deep fried. Most have cheese included in the stuffing, so it is almost like eating a deep-fried pizza roll.
The menu of rolled cutlets, which cost 7,000 won ($6) to 8,000 won includes fish cheese, curry cheese, kimchi cheese and cheese ball ― chunks of deep-fried pork overflowing with melted cheese. Vegetarians be warned: Do not let the veggie cheese rollkasu fool you. It is a pork cutlet stuffed with a layer of vegetables and cheese.
The curry cheese and kimchi cheese rollkasu are mildly spicy; creating an unique taste.
The fish cheese rollkasu is served with a green wasabi sauce instead of coming with the usual brown sauce.
For purists, who insist on a plain old pork cutlet, Iki serves lightly breaded, juicy slabs of pork cooked to perfection.
All of the dishes come with a small scoop of rice. If your appetite calls for more than that, order a set menu, which comes with an appetizer, rice, salad, noodles, a cup of miso soup and a soda -- refills free.
The appetizer was shrimp and salmon wrapped in thin slices of pickled radish and topped with salmon roe came with my order. It was followed by a salad topped with orange and kiwi slices and strips of deep-fried batter. Then came the cheese ball rollkasu with rice, a serving of cold buckwheat noodles and the miso soup.
The requisite side dish of kimchi tastes more sweet than spicy and is cut into strips and piled up to look more like a small bowl of noodles.
If, after all of that, a contented grin does not cross your face and you do not reach down to loosen your belt a notch or two, there simply is no way to satisfy your culinary desires.

Theme: Rollkasu
Web site:
Hours : 11 to 10
Price: 7,000-18,000
Locations: Sinchon, Ehwa Woman’s University, Hongik University, Daehangno, Yaksu, Apgujeong, Gangnam
Parking: Some stores have it, some do not.

by Lee Ho-jeong
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