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[EDITORIALS]A new system stumbles

As was feared by many, the prospects for state affairs under the new four-party system have proven to be rough. This is shown by the Assembly’s rejection of President Roh Moo-hyun’s nominee for chairman of the Board of Audit and Inspection. More such incidents are expected. Under such circumstances, President Roh must make clear how he would steer the administration and untie the knots of rivalry within the Assembly.
Even if Mr. Roh leaves the Millennium Democratic Party earlier than planned, the problems will remain. Since he has expressed support for the new party on several occasions, others will not believe his claim that he will maintain equidistance from the parties. His departure from the MDP is in order. It is not an option for breaking political deadlock. Some in the Blue House advise him to appeal to the people directly, instead of going through the Assembly. This is not a solution. It will be criticized as the politics of complacency and will incite the opposition parties even further. Others recommend he emphasize the “arrogance of giant opposition” while sticking to his present position, but that is very irresponsible. “Maximize confrontation and conflict” represents political adventurism. It cannot be a logic for a government.
Mr. Roh must consider that things could get even worse. He needs to minimize confrontation with politicians at least until next year’s general election. First of all, he must give first priority to the endorsement of the Assembly when nominating a new chief auditor. If the Blue House indulges in the dichotomy of “reformist and anti-reformist,” it will be difficult to avoid confrontation. The Assembly wants someone whose ethics and qualifications are verified, and who can keep the board’s independence.
On issues like Iraq, free trade with Chile and assistance to North Korea, no effort should be spared in persuading party chairmen, floor leaders and policy chiefs. It will be harder than it would be with support from a strong ruling party, but it will be worthwhile to experiment with a new system. Sincerity, humble-mindedness and endurance will lead to a solution.
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