Spray-on stockings, magic bras and other technological wonders

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Spray-on stockings, magic bras and other technological wonders

From at-home teeth whitening programs to backless, strapless bras, check out the latest developments in beauty technology.

The search for the perfect strapless bra is over. Silicon has been used in bra designs for a while now, but in Nu Bra, the bra cups themselves are made of silicon. The cups are self-adhesive and designed to ride high for an extra lift. They’re similar to pasties, but can be used multiple times.
Released in spring, sales have been “astonishing,” says Yang Seon-hee of Nu Bra Korea. Currently, only one color, “skin,” is sold in Korea. But according to Ms. Yang, more colors, as yet undisclosed, will be available in winter. Nu Bra is sold on home shopping channels and on the Internet; it costs 139,000 won ($120) at www.nubra.co.kr.

It may be an outdated concept, but some companies still require female employees to wear stockings (though nude may be the color of choice). You can have a talk with your company’s human resources department ― or try Air Stocking, the spray-on stocking. “It’s quite popular in Japan,” says a spokesperson, “where many of the OL’s have to wear stockings.” These OLs, or office ladies, or anyone wanting to even out their legs’ skin tone, can simply hold a can of Air Stocking upright, spray the exposed areas of the legs and quickly even out the shade by hand. Several seconds later, the spray will dry, giving leg color the even appearance of stockings. Only sold at Chacott, a store near California Fitness Center in Apgujeong-dong. Cost is 26,000 won.

Pearly white teeth no longer require a visit to the dentist. While the most professional cleaning is done reclined in the chair, several companies now offer at-home whitening kits. No, Crest’s Whitestrips are not sold in Korea, but LG offers an alternative: Claren Night, the latest from the Claren whitening program.
Whitening toothpaste cleanses on the surface. Claren Night Program is supposed to penetrate more deeply. Each box comes with 28 strips for two weeks’ use. The effects are supposed to last six months. The directions recommend applying for an hour in the evening, but not immediately after tooth brushing. Only available on home shopping channels and the Internet. Cost is 72,000 won on www.claren.co.kr.

Dumbbells and treadmills may be tools of choice for weight loss devotees, but there’s another item on the market to step up the program. Sweet Sweat may sound like a oxymoron, but if the results are as sweet as the company claims, who’s to complain?
The product is supposed to enhance and accelerate the sweating process during workouts. Since the company boosted its ad campaign this summer, sales have been stiff. Most of the sales are to clients in their 20s, says a spokesperson, before adding, “But people of all ages want to lose weight.” Sold online and through home shopping channels. Cost is 89,000 won on www.choimall.co.kr, where Sweet Sweat is listed as a bestseller.

“Indi” stands for American Indians. “Mo” is Chinese for hair. Put the two together and you have Indimo, hair products inspired by the native American population, whose hair loss, supposedly, is minimal. Indimo soap is made of herbs that encourages growth of healthy hair. “We do have a surprising number of female clients,” says a spokesperson. “But we do have more male clients.” Three bars of soap on www.indimo.com cost 69,000 won.

by Joe Yong-hee
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