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[EDITORIALS]Song case full of peril

Surrounding the allegations against Song Du-yul are the ideological attacks political parties are launching against each other almost everyday. The fighting does not stop at politics; all of society is divided as people who differ in opinion according to their ideological tendency or age confront each other. To prevent wasteful clashes and divisions, Mr. Song’s case must be handled according to the law based strictly on evidence and facts.
An exaggeration of the case without evidence is wrong during the investigation. Such an act will be criticized as an attempt to put all the blame on Mr. Song. People should refrain from criticizing those who raise suspicions as McCarthyist, because the agency’s investigation did disclose Mr. Song’s violation of laws. Some intellectuals have called him “a man on the border” between the North and the South, and recognize him as a victim of the Cold War era.
Haboring such paternalism is dangerous because it was disclosed that Mr. Song joined the Workers’ Party in 1973, and he confessed that the North afforded him the hospitality usually given to an alternate member of the Politburo.
The prosecution’s investigation is still in its early stage. Mr. Song still denies many allegations against him. The investigation will take longer. Should we continue struggling among ourselves over this issue everyday while the investigation goes on? The more we struggle with each other, the deeper the division of society will grow. That could be exactly what the North wants.
We should watch the prosecution’s investigation. We should not allow exaggeration based on speculation, nor should we try to dilute the case out of paternalism. The investigation should include all suspects, including those involved in arranging his Korea visit and his past acquaintances.
The Prosecutor General said, “The prosecution will investigate thoroughly without limit.” It should keep in mind that we are standing at a crossroad, where the nation will fall into chaos or be saved from confusion in accordance with the results of the investigation.
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