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[EDITORIALS]Swinging into the fire

The news about married couples swapping mates for sexual relations is a total shock. This activity mirrors a slice of Korean sex culture, which has gone radically astray, followed by the so-called sugar daddy syndrome and prostitution involving teenagers. Some people under the guise of a religious group seeking meditative exercises go abroad for sex, which gives us good reason to conclude that the ethics of our society have completely collapsed.
Those who enjoy swapping show symptoms of addiction, such as continuing to meet the new partners. There is at the moment no way to outlaw this activity; it involves sexual taste and privacy. But it does deny holy matrimony and throws away sexual fidelity toward one’s spouse. In addition, swapping nullifies the meaning of family, the basic unit of a society. Married couples who have engaged in swapping are not expected to perform the normal roles of husbands and wives. They are not likely to respect each other as a husband and a wife and raise their children in the correct manner. There are, at the moment, no cases of broken marriages among couples who have engaged in swapping, but they are already on the road to failure.
People who pursue swapping are satisfying carnal desires without feeling any sense of guilt. Swapping cannot be neglected if it becomes a life style of the majority, surpassing simple curiosity. First of all, it would be most desirable if those who become involved in swapping reflect on their conduct. Also, the overall atmosphere of society, which corrupts individuals to become slaves of sex, should not be left to take its own course. Religious groups should start a campaign to promote the importance of a beautiful, as well as healthy, marriage and true love. In particular, education to lead teenagers to a sound sex life is needed.
Measures against Internet sites that promote swapping are also necessary. There are allegedly 20 to 30 such sites. At the moment, there is no way to charge “swingers” with prostitution. A tighter interpretation of the law or even passing new laws should be taken into consideration.
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