It’s been a year, and we’ve survived

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It’s been a year, and we’ve survived

This month marks the first anniversary of this column. Yep, that’s right! I have survived, and if you are reading this, you must have renewed your subscription.
I hope I’ve provided an oasis for all the ever-hungry sports fans out there. Understand, it was not always easy to write with North Korea’s figurative guillotine constantly looming over my head.
I survived. You survived. So let’s just leave it at that. Here’s a look at the typical working conditions that I toil under:
Sister: You gonna use that computer?
Me: Uh-huh.
Sister: For how long?
Me: Uhm...Dunno. I guess I’ll be up all night.
Sister: I really need to do my homework [she is still in college].
Me: I am working...
Sister: So why are you looking at naked women then?
Me: Errr [throat clearing], I am checking my mail. Somebody sent me junk.
Sister: Sure...You said you are working. Gimme that!
Me: I always check my mail first.
Sister: Whatcha working on?
Me: I am writing a column.
Sister: With the TV on?
Me: I am watching a game...
Sister: You said you are working!
Me: [Sigh] I am writing a sports column! A game is going on.
Sister: They pay you for that?
Me: No, they pay me to watch games. I just write for fun.
Sister: Does anybody actually read that stuff?
Me: Some call me [expletive deleted]...
Sister: You don’t even like sports!
Me: Sure I do. I’m a nut...
Sister: Liar! I never saw you doing anything since college! [She gives me a triumphant look.]
Me: Oh yeah? Who do you think throws out the garbage every day, eh? Besides, this is more about research. Checking facts, analyzing stuff, watching games. You know...
Sister: This is not rocket science. What’s there to analyze?
Me: David Beckham just changed his hairstyle...
Sister: Reeeeeeally? Tell me more!
Me: I could if you’d let me work...
As I said, it hasn’t always been easy. To date, I’ve tried not to bore you guys with some rundown of game scores from the week before.
You all get that from the standard sources. I would rather write more about issues or hidden stories, things that sometimes seem far from the spotlight.
I played tennis, basketball and football, both on the high school and college level. Also had some exposure to Ping-Pong, badminton, skiing, golf, bowling and chess. Note the word: exposure. It means that in the future you might get a healthy dose of games that don’t fall into the big three (that’s baseball, football and basketball, for me). I’ve learned that lots of people are interested in other non-mainstream sports (my thanks to Andy Dorn, who I think is an Aussie).
Because of this column’s fixed date of appearance, anything happening on a Saturday would be written about five days later, and I think that’s a drawback but there isn’t any way to work around that. My apologies in advance.
No, I have not done any bungee jumping, nor do I plan to. But I do plan to continue giving you a different spin on some events lying within the great sphere of sports. Thanks for the input!

by Brian Lee
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