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[EDITORIALS]End confusion on the vote

With all four political parties opposing his proposed vote of confidence, President Roh Moo-hyun has announced that he will meet the party representatives after he returns from the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting in Bangkok next week, and reach a “political conclusion” on whether to continue seeking the vote.
Mr. Roh’s sudden call for a confidence vote was a reckless act, an attempt to appeal to populist sentiments. It is a relief that he has expressed his willingness to put a swift end to the chaos he has stirred.
Therefore, the four parties must also affirm their positions and cooperate in ending the confusion. The politicians must realize that the country hasn’t the time to allow this issue to be used politically with an eye toward the elections next year. The politicians must cooperate to solve the various formidable problems that we face.
In such critical times, it is unacceptable that the president and the parties engage in political shenanigans. It is strongly urged that the parties discuss the issue in earnest even before the president returns from Bangkok. For a productive discussion to take place, it is imperative that the Grand National Party and the president clarify their positions on the vote of confidence. As the majority party, the Grand National Party should not compromise the state of our politics with its ambiguous stance on the issue. The other three parties have expressed more or less clear opinions on the call for the confidence vote. For his part, it is wrong for the president to hint that he could withdraw from his original position because of the opposition from the parties.
If any party supports the idea of holding the vote of confidence by referendum, it should work to establish the legal framework as promptly as possible. If neither the president nor the parties have any strong interest in a referendum, then the nature of the confidence vote should be clarified. That is the least that could be done to minimize the confusion and waste of national resources. The president and the parties must open their eyes to the bleak situation our country now is in.
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