Grasshopper guts? Why not; Halloween is about weird

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Grasshopper guts? Why not; Halloween is about weird
Make ghosts that bop with helium balloons or turn your pumpkins green. This site offers simple decoration ideas. You can also learn about the origin of Halloween, read Halloween jokes and get recipes for Halloween food and drinks.
If “brain cell delight,” “pigeon poop” and “vampire’s blood shakes” sound delectable, you are in the right place. Whether you are cooking for your little goblins or your own gathering, check out this Web site for 29 recipe ideas.
The recipes are simple. Photos not included, though, so it takes imagination to picture what “grasshopper guts” or “squashed frogs” look like. But if you are really a poor cook, this might not be for you.
This online magazine contains practically any information you might need to get ready for the scariest holiday of the year. There are Halloween stories, music -- even a safety quiz. The quiz starts with rules, like never go trickor-treating alone. According to the Web site, even if children are going out to gather goodies in a close-knit expatriate community, they should go with at least two buddies, and preferably an adult. The site has interactive games, too.
This site focuses on crafts to enjoy with children. Some simple ones include how to make a skeleton out of cotton swabs. Others require objects that might be harder . but not impossible . to find, like candy molds, hot glue and orange acrylic paint.
For ideas on Halloween outfits, log on to this Web site. Chances are it is too late to purchase anything from the site, but you will be able to recreate some of the costumes. After picking out some possible costumes, try Seoul’s market districts for the equivalents. One costume, for example, requires black cloth (an easy find at Dongdaemun) and a silver belt (no problem at Namdaemun or Itaewon).

by Joe Yong-hee
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