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[EDITORIALS]Party’s priorities in question

What are the true goals of Our Open Party? Political reform and dismantling politics based on a regional system? Or is it just another party whose sole purpose is to back the president? One has to wonder after seeing how the party is signing up members who don’t have principles, let alone a vision.
The new party has been criticized both within and outside the organization that it was wooing outsiders, who are far from being reformer types, just to bolster its base. Our Open Party accepted a head of an organization who has handed over his company to his son, but the son is now being investigated by the prosecutors for alleged stock manipulation. And a local council member who was questioned by prosecutors for an eventful history of crimes is also included. The party went so far as to invite a former special aide of Lee Hoi-chang, the former Grand National Party presidential candidate, as a way to draw more votes. A few celebrities protested that they were listed as new party members even though they hadn’t expressed a preference. It appears that Our Open Party is trying to attract newcomers at random only to gain an advantage in a power struggle with the rival Millennium Democratic Party.
In addition, Our Open Party is also causing trouble by pestering ministers and vice-ministers of the government and Blue House officials with excellent reputations, trying to commandeer them into the party. It’s pathetic that they are considering such high-ranking officials as relief pitchers for the legislative election next year. Those officials now must put all their energy into dealing with current affairs such as dispatching troops to Iraq, the Buan situation, economic difficulties, rooting out scandals and so on.
Is this a proper attitude for the “mental ruling party,” to stir up disorder, consumed by its desire for victory? No wonder the party’s support rate is only 10 percent, even as it cries out for political reforms. Our Open Party must realize that it must prepare for the elections by managing governmental work successfully, not by increasing its size. If it speaks of reforms but acts just as the old-timers do, who can trust and support them?
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