[LETTERS TO THE EDITOR]Meeting report was anti-foreign

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[LETTERS TO THE EDITOR]Meeting report was anti-foreign

The vituperative tone of the article (“Seoul hears some biting foreign advice,” JoongAng Daily, December 5, 2003) was surprising considering the tone of other reporters covering the same event in the English language media here. Your reporter’s tone and use of sarcasm throughout does a disservice to the efforts of the city of Seoul. Although I do agree that some of the complaints were trivial―i.e the size of English on signs, the other concerns mentioned in the article (traffic, housing, and foreign schools) have been raised before ―especially in past issues of your newspaper.
Instead of covering this meeting objectively, your reporter chose to inflict his own anti-foreign bias on the readers. Perhaps a more constructive approach would be to look at some of the complaints and see if they have any value. Maybe your reporter would discover that Seoulites actually share some of the same concerns, and progress could be made on making Seoul a better place for all.

by Jim Lamberti
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