[LETTERS TO THE EDITOR]Send Korean troops to aid in Iraq

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[LETTERS TO THE EDITOR]Send Korean troops to aid in Iraq

The article, “Iraq victim’s daughter sends angry letter to Roh” written by Kim Young-sae (JoongAng Daily, December 4, 2003) was very powerful and very moving. Koreans do not understand the importance of dispatching our troops to support the U.S. missions in Iraq.
Almost everyone believes that the war in Iraq was a great mistake. But our strong ally, the United States of America, is currently suffering from its abominable consequences. American soldiers during the Korean War sacrificed their lives to bring South Koreans to our happy current lives.
Without the Americans, we would be starving due to insufficient food, we would be hailing Kim Il Sung and his son Kim Jong-il every morning and night, and we would be living in an isolated country of Communism.
Right now, America is asking us to help with the rising conflict of Iraq. We should not hesitate, we should not ponder, but we should be actively supporting the Americans just as when the Americans supported us in the Korean War. If the government had decided to send our forces to Iraq earlier, innocent men like Kim Man-su would not have died so nonsensically.
Now that Koreans have died in the far-off Middle East, the government should provide its apology according to the desires of the people who lost their loving family members.
Moreover, to at least preclude more of these kinds of unnecessary sacrifices, I believe that Koreans should take action in the war by sending in their troops to help the American forces and to take revenge for the losses of unarmed, innocent Korean men.

by John Yoo
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