A gift list for the bar girl in your life

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A gift list for the bar girl in your life

Sorry, friend. All your favorite bar girl wants for Christmas this year is not you. She wants a BMW, stereo equipment or a beagle.
That’s what several pretty young things at two of our finest hostess bars said they would like to find under their trees this year ― besides money.
The three regulars at the Moulin Rouge, located just down from King Club and before Indian Joe’s, have been very, very good this year, and deserve to get what they want. Lena, petite and currently topping this column’s pulchritudinous-bar girl rankings, is the one who wants the puppy. One that looks like Snoopy.
Or, if you can afford it, she would not turn up her nose at a brand-new Daewoo Korando sport-utility vehicle.
Lena’s voluptuous co-worker Jina has more modest desires. She’s asking for an iRiver, a super-slim MP3/CD player, made by the Korean firm, ReignCom.
Their slightly older but no less sultry boss, Eun-mi, would like fashionable clothes. Like a mink coat.
A group of equally good and gift-worthy girls can be found at Mia Fiore, a hostess bar behind and just west of the Hamilton Hotel. The five flowers working there on a recent late night also had their Christmas lists at the ready.
The long, lean and dressed-in-black Kyung-hee is the one who wants the BMW ― a black one, of course. The full-bodied Kimmy, a formidable opponent at the pool table, wants some jewelry. What kind? Anything with a diamond will do.
Suzy, sweet, smiling and doe-eyed, is quite sensitive to the winter chill, so she wants one of those Russian rabbit-fur hats. Ji-hyun, a bewitching type, wants a bottle of Bulgari perfume, to render her man-victims just a little more helpless.
Then there’s the tall and preternaturally curvaceous Nicole, who is right up there with Lena from the Moulin Rouge in the beauty department. She would like one of those fancy new camera phones by Samsung. Just don’t ask what she wants to take pictures of.
And Rosa, known for her insatiable appetite, for food, would like a side of beef. That way she could cut down on her cash outflow, most of which ends up at Burger King.
Now, if you’ve already got a girlfriend or a wife, but have yet to buy her a present, feel free to use the gift list herein as a last-second shopping guide.
But if you cannot be with your beloved this Christmas because she is far away -- or does not exist -- and you want to avoid another sad and lonely holiday, this is a perfect chance. Pick up one of these gifts, wrap it up nicely and hand it over to the right girl. That will warm the cockles of her heart, and maybe get your own cockles cooking in the process.
Isn’t that what Christmas is all about?

by Mike Ferrin
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